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August 21, 2004



When I hear you say things like "I have no actual skills at all" my first reaction is that I feel absolutely the same way Andy. I'm quite convinced you haven't. But you're nice, and that's important.

Tim the Enchanter "I have no actual skills" people are all the same. Pretending that you have NO skills when in fact you have an over-abundance of the stuff. Please stop it! How do you think it makes those of us feel who actually have no actual skills....much WORSE, that's what. Get some therapy if you would.


OK, I have a few responses to yuor comment, Tim, which I have categorised. Please let me know your chosen favourite.

Egotistical: Yes, you're absolutely right. I am, without doubt, amazingly gifted in a vast array of areas. I was wrong to claim otherwise, and I apologise.

Pedantic: I was not actually saying that I was not good at things, merely that those things were hobbies, rather than chosen careers. My chosen career was pinao tuning and repairing and I do that very seldom these days because of the derisory rates of pay.

Apologetic: I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to invert my pride or show false humilty. Furthermore, I understand that it is wrong to deride those skills which are God given and lovely.

Paranoid: What do you mean I have skills in "over-abundance"? Who told you? What do they want from me? What if I fail? Arrgghhhhhhh!

Over-casual: Whatever...

Convinced of failure: Yet again I hear someone criticising what I have said and written. I know I always make mistakes and you are right to point them out. I should learn my lesson and stop trying.

Thankful: I'm really glad you read my Blog, Tim. At least someone does. I didn't mean to frustrate you, but to heck with that - YOU READ THE ENTRY! Wahay!

Obsessed with coming out: I'm GAY! GAY! Yes, I am a GAY!

That may be enough.

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