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July 01, 2004



It was wonderful to see you both, and don't worry - as we suspected those stains, heavy as they were, came out of the carpet and furniture almost completely, leaving only a moderate smell. I'm sure your body will soon be used to the medication, and thank goodness, in a way, that it happened here, where we could quickly hose everything down and pretend nothing had happened. We also very much enjoyed the Karaoke, and hope once again to sing ALL of The Bay City Rollers' album tracks back-to-back in such an exuberant way. The evening was rounded off very fittingly, we feel, by the 3 rounds of Strip Twister (Bible Edition). It's funnier when we know you're playing to lose! Bless you both, and honestly, stop worrying about the death of our cats - anyone could have done that, and they were getting quite a nuisance anyway. It's no trouble! Bye for now!! XXX


Thank you for this, both of you. It really cheered my lunch hour (well, I use that term loosely ... maybe lunch 30 minutes on a good day). Now I go to tuck into my cold salmon and salad ... not a patch on the described meal, but I shall enjoy it. Let me know when the funerals are so I can be sure to be in another part of the country.

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