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June 09, 2004



I don't know about the chicken dance or chickengate - they don't have chickens this year do they, or perhaps you are referring to something quite different and altogether more sinister. I do agree that it would be fun to remove Stuart and see the Geordie Nympho close in on Victor or Jason, only to realised she had p*@@ed on her chips as Stuart comes back in and immediately gets off with Dan, probably. I also think the sooner Stuart admits he is a tranvestite the better. I know it made me feel better to have it out in the open. I very much enjoyed seeing Ahmed smashing plates then weeping in private - it was very moving, and I felt genuinely sad for him. He would feel much better smashing plates on Nadia's jaw or shoulders though. I also think that should evict Nadia, give her gender ralughnment surgery to change her back into a man, and then let him back in the house and see how long it is before Michelle makes her move.


Thanks for your frank and well-observed comments, Jason.

"Chicken" is the word Michelle uses to fascinate her victims and gently hypnotise them with her special chava powers.

The whole routine has been re-written, on Tynside, in chavascript and is no doubt available for download somewhere.

Time for pills.

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