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June 03, 2004


Bennji Fflister

This blog is taking on the character of one of those tumor diaries popular amongst terminally ill journalists. Not that you're terminally ill, of course. I welcome this, and wish you well n your continued recovery, and your earnest and uplifting fight to bring disability issues to those who are otherwise ignorant and feckless, like me and my brother Halg.

Goddess Isis

Hi! I'm using your foot in my dermatology paper. I was having a hard time finding a photo of a burst boil!


Oh my - fame at last. I knew these self-indulgent photos would do some good in the end.

Glad to be of service. :)

K. Cotten

Hi! I'm just curious to know.... how is your foot now? How did you cure that boil? Has it ever reappeared? My husband has a small one under his arm, it burst, anD I just wanted to know how to treat it.
Thanks and God bless!!!

K. Cotten

P.S. How was your Christmas?????!!! (lol).

Happy New Year!
Thanks again!


Well - that was 2004. It seems like a life away.

The burst boil was a nasty episode of re-infection with cellulitis and has left my left permanently damaged and me in continual agony. Especially tonight.

Apart from that, I am fine. :)

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